A business owner noticed that in the alley behind his building, people had started to use a hidden corner as a public bathroom.  He installed a shower-cam to teach the bathroom bandits a lesson, and ended up with one of the best videos of all time.

When I first watched the video, my first thought was that this guy is just a huge jerk looking for a laugh.  I mean, who hasn't had to pick a random corner and go pee outside at least once in their life?

That started to change as I kept watching the video, and noticing that this wasn't just some random corner.  This corner should have had a sink, mirror and mints in it for as many times as people dropped trough there.

My sympathy for the people in the videos was completely gone when a woman decided that she would take a deuce.  Yes! She poops in the guys alley!

Check out the video and tell us if you think that this is a mean prank or a necessary deterrent . . . after your done laughing your butt off.


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