Have you ever walked by a mannequin in a storefront and actually had to do a double take because it looked so real?  I am going to pretend that's what happened to this guy, and he just never turned back for a double take.  The only other explanation can be found in this guys soon to be life story, 'Mannequin'.  I guess there is always the explanation that he just loves that mannequin, I mean really loves that mannequin.There is a distinct difference between a mannequin and a "Real Doll".  The main is that one wears clothes and should not be used for relations.

I think the part of the video that shows off this guys true craziness is when he actually pulls her arm around him.  I guess he just thought that she wasn't into it, so he would help her out a bit.  Maybe he should have tried dinner, dancing and a motorcycle ride first.