Love covers a multitude of sins and a Brooklyn man proves it by testifying that he still loves his girlfriend after she shot him.  The older couples must really love each or the victim is scared of his woman. 

Randolph Costa, 89 years old, was accidentally shot by his girlfriend and was asked to testify against her but wouldn't in a court of law.  While talking to the news, he confessed his dying love for her in hopes to avoid a jail house stay for his boo-thang.  Evelyn Barnave, 43 years old, was on trial and facing 25 years in prison.

The lack of testimony of Costa saved Barnave from doing hard time over a shooting gone wrong.  The sentencing aspect of the trial hasn't been conducted but she could possibly get probation or up to seven years in jail.

After hearing about Costa and Barnave's love, would you consider this true love or down right crazy? Leave your thoughts in comment section below.

via NY Daily News