Red, white, and boo. Here is yet another Fourth of July celebration cancellation. WNEM is reporting that the annual Saginaw Area Fireworks Festival will not be happening this year. I am sure you know why - COVID-19 concerns.

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It is what it is. With events of this size, social distancing is virtually impossible. The fireworks were originally going to happen on Ojibway Island. The plan changed to the Zilwaukee Bridge area, but there was just not enough time to clean up that area.

The daily firework festival cancellations, bring me to believe that this 4th Of July, there will be a lot of amateurs playing with dangerous fireworks. That is terrifying. I have seen a few firework accidents, and trust me - it is not pretty. Losing a finger over a firecracker is not my idea of fun. Can we all agree to stick to sparklers? How does that sound?

All kidding aside, if you are going to be lighting fireworks anytime throughout the summer please be careful. I think it goes without saying, that alcohol and fireworks are not the best combination. If you know me, than you know I'll pick alcohol any day over a firework. 'Save the fireworks, poor the drinks!' - say it with me!

On a more serious note, there are a lot of veterans who don't particularly care for the sound of fireworks. The booming sounds can trigger some bad memories, I know that was the case for my dad who was a Vietnam Veteran. Keep that in mind not just over the Fourth of July, but all summer long. Debbie Downer out.

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