There is nothing more disgusting than bed bugs, so I can totally understand why some Saginaw residents are over the infestation that they're currently dealing with at their apartment complex.

Once you have bed bugs in your home, it's almost impossible to get rid of them without throwing away all of your personal items. Yes, it is possible but it isn't easy.

Saginaw residents are pointing the finger at their apartment complex over an infestation of bed bugs.

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According to WNEM, a man, who wished to remain anonymous, spends a lot of his time raising awareness about what he said is a bed bug problem at Pinewood Manor Apartments in Saginaw.

He's pushing hard to get the Saginaw Housing Commission to do something about about the bed bugs but so far he isn't have any luck. He even went as far as to take bed bugs to the Saginaw Housing Commission, hoping it would urge them to do something about the issue.

He knows that because of the bed bugs, he shouldn't be around other people:

It’s a big deal. My social life, my family, I ain’t seen people in so long, you know, and I don’t want to go to nobody’s house and give them these bed bugs.

WNEM tried talking with other people from the apartment complex but while they didn't want to do an interview, they did admit that there is an infestation.

You can literally bring bed bugs home from anywhere. If they were to get on your clothes at the movies and then get into your's all over.

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