Beecher School officials drop a warning about a potential bed bug problem. Eww..

Be careful if you have a child that go's to Beecher schools because a few infestations have been sighted and if you've never dealth with bed bugs before, trust me, you don't want that smoke.


A possible bed bug was found on the coat of student and on a table in a Dailey Elementary School classroom, according to reports submitted to Superintendent Marcus Davenport’s office. Beecher schools “immediately took action” by disinfecting the reported areas and calling pest control.

I ran into Bed bugs one time in my life and I was forever changed. It's not something you can feel until it's too late. And by then your whole house might be infested! And from my childhood experience the only way to get rid of bed bugs outside of a professional is pretty simple. Get a bottle, a rag, some gasoline, and tape. Pour the gasoline in the bottle, stick the rag in the top, tape it close, and then light the end with matches or a lighter, and throw it at your house.

Your welcome...

This lady got tore up by bed bugs!

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