Mice have tails, dogs and cats have tails, hell back in the day having a 'tail' hairstyle was cool (Google it). How about an actual house having a tail? I found one that actually does, right here in Michigan.

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I remember seeing this Saginaw house online a few years ago. I remember thinking how very 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Game of Thrones. After that, I did not think much of it. I figured since the movie franchise had been so popular and the HBO show was a hit - someone who loved all things mystical would buy the house.

Fast forward four or five years later, and the Saginaw, Michigan 'Dragon House' is still on the market. I should point out via the listing website, a sale is currently pending. I could not help but notice that there has been a significant price drop. When I first saw the listing years ago, the asking price was over $800,000. Today, the selling price is listed at $450,000.

Lucky for you and me - it does not cost us anything to look. The unique home features five bedrooms, four bedrooms and sits on over 16 acres. Did I mention the house also has a tail? All kidding aside, the house is badass. Check out the so-called 'Dragon House' for yourself in the picture gallery below.

The Dragon House in Saginaw, Michigan

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