The things that we catch on tape nowadays are amazing.  The camera was rolling when a Saginaw, Michigan Family Dollar manager got into a verbal altercation.  Well his rant has caused him to be unemployed. 

A video has gone viral of Gavyn Edlinger, Store Manager, getting into verbal sparring with alleged shoplifters.  While confronting them at their car, Edlinger goes from calm to irate in seconds.  He yells at the women in the car for setting a bad example for the kids and smoking while pregnant.  He had a point but was it his place to make it?

The over the top employee turns all the way up and sprays the ladies with Febreze.  The women quickly jump out the car to yell their slurs and objection to his accusations.

The manager was fired but not before he tried to stop the video from hitting the internet.  The women in the video have sent their apologies into the store but that was not enough.   Edlinger is without a job and has no regrets.

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