Nearly 6,500 Michigan residents are here legally because of DACA, and Saginaw residents showed up to support them Tuesday night.

DACA is the immigration plan that President Obama put in place to help children who were brought to the US. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has allowed thousands to live and work legally in Michigan.

After President Trump announced that he was taking DACA away, most people in the program are starting to worry about their status in the U.S.

A group in Saginaw led by the Mexican American Council marched in support of the Michigan residents that are in the DACA program. They are upset that even though the people in the program paid the fee, and now pay taxes, they are still being threatened with deportation.

The idea that you could just be told to leave the only place that you've known as home is just insane. The idea behind keeping the "Dreamers" in the U.S. is to make our country stronger. Deporting someone to a country that they have little or no connection with, just because they weren't born in America is doing the exact opposite.

Congress has six months to come up with their own immigration reform, but if this is any sign as to how the future plan will look, I am not a fan.

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