The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade has announced that they will be moving to the Genesee Valley Center.

This is GREAT news considering that many of us were worried that the pandemic shut down could mean that the Sandbox would be closed permanently. Fortunately they opened up for business in mid-July and recently sent an email to customers informing us about the upcoming move.

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The email announced that the Sandbox would be opening for business and that they would be moving to their new location.

We're expanding to a new larger location in November. The Genesee Valley Center, where the old American Fun Center was on the Linden Rd side with an outdoor entrance.

With more space comes more features for Sandbox customers to enjoy. In the announcement they listed the following new features that will be in the new locations.

  • More room scale VR stations
  • VR Driving
  • VR Arenas
  • Augmented Reality play area
  • Rage Rooms

I'm ecstatic for the owners of the Sandbox, and excited to go check out the new features. I've had my sons birthday at the Sandbox, held work parties there, and even took second place in a VR tournament!

If you've never been, I strongly suggest that you go check it out. There are games for all ages, and interests, even if you just want to sit down and watch whales swim.

The Sandbox has already done a great job of introducing something new to the area, and I can't wait to see what the new location will have for everyone to play with.


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