Matt Schembechler, the stepson of former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler (pictured), recently told ESPN that he told his stepdad that he was molested by the late Michigan Dr. Robert Anderson he was a kid in the 1960s. And that Bo ignored Matt's claim.

This is part of the many sexual assault allegations that former University of Michigan athletes have made against Anderson in recent years. And that Schembechler (who passed away in 2006) and former U-M athletic director Don Canham (who passed away in 2005) did nothing to stop Dr. Anderson (who died in 2008) from committing his alleged offenses.

Matt Schembechler is one of three stepsons of Bo Schembechler along with Chip (who passed away in 2003) and Geoffrey.  Bo and his second wife Millie had one child together, Glenn (Shemy) Schembechler in 1969.

Despite the many allegations by former Michigan athletes against Dr. Anderson, Schembechler, and Canham, other former players have spoken up for Bo, saying that if Bo knew about the allegations while he was coaching, he would've taken action against Dr. Anderson himself.

Matt is scheduled to have a press conference on Thursday afternoon to publicize his allegations. He's expected to be joined by several former athletes.

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