So ScHoolboy Q's got some hands. He proved as much when he uploaded a clip of himself practicing his boxing technique with a trainer onto his Instagram page. See Q go to work below.

In the short vid, we get to see Q throw several blows as he ducks and dodges. He looks pretty focused the entire way through. We're not experts, but Q's technique looks pretty solid from what we can tell. Plus, this looks like a great way to stay in shape—so long as you don't take too big of an L and get knocked out while you're training.

Q's is the second rapper boxing video we've seen uploaded to Instagram recently. A little while back, Lil Uzi Vert posted a video of himself sparring with a friend. Q's form is solid, but Uzi's hands look a bit faster. If you'll recall, footage of Meek Mill boxing also surfaced in 2015.

It's unclear how seriously Q takes boxing, but we're sure fans would rather he spend that time on making a Black Hippy album instead. Speaking with Montreality recently, the California rapper explained the things that get in the way of that happening.

“People don’t understand when you’re working on an album and you’re getting into a groove, it’s hard to stop that groove and that zone you’re in, that vision you got, to jump onto a whole new thing and restart from a blank sheet basically,” Q said of how individual projects often hold up a potential Black Hippy project. “We don’t just put albums out and call it something and it’s just a bunch of dope songs, everything we do over there is like a concept.” He's not against an album, though: “If we can make it work, I’m down to do it. Those my homies, of course I want to do the album with them.”

Check out Q's boxing video below.

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