There are so many talented artists in Flint that just need one good look from a record label to really be able to put on for Flint world wide. Here's eight that need a deal ASAP to get the attention they deserve.

The music industry is all sorts of shook up right now. Artists get deals and blow up, and then there are some artists such as Chance The Rapper that get one good look from a big artist and blow up. Not every artist needs a deal either. Look at some of the biggest artists out right now, most of them just have distribution deals. A distribution deal is different than a record deal because the label just helps distribute an artists album or project. There's plenty of Flint artists right now that if they just had a record and/or distribution deal they would blow up. I'm not saying a record deal is what is holding these artists back, I'm just stating these artists deserve a label push to get them recognized.

Flint is surrounded with artists that could go worldwide with just one look from a record exec, and video production for your singles are just as important as the song. You need visualizations. Labels want to see that. If you have no visuals, and you just have music, its hard to see what makes you an artist. With that being said, here's eight Flint artists that in my opinion are ready right now for a record deal.


Six Ward Von

Six Ward Von has Flint on lock and continues to put out quality street music. Von is so young, talented, and puts out new songs every couple of weeks it seems that Flint would have a good look if a record label signed him or did a distribution deal. I know that Thousand Bars signed Von to a deal recently, but while we're at it lets get every artist that is signed to Thou on a national level.


Bossmane Jizzle 

No Detroit vs Flint beef, no "I hate working with out of town rappers", no drama. Bossmane uses his Detroit connects to put together dope songs, and continuing that on a national level with the help of a record deal would show that there is talent that works with Detroit artists here in Flint. Hell everyone from Flint on this track deserves a deal to be honest.



Messo drops constantly, and every time he does he has the entire city bumping his music. Not only can Messo rap, but he's got the acting down too with his major role in 810 Trap. Being multi-dimensional is important in the record industry, and Messo is a great example of a talented artist that can move in many lanes.


Jimbo and Fats 

Jimbo  and Fats go together so well, that they both need deals right now. Like not next week, not in a month, right now. Not just a typical record deal either, Jimbo and Fats needs distribution, touring, and promo. They both speak for the streets of Flint, and I think with a fully put together project and an opening spot on tour with a big act, Jimbo and Fats could be the next superstars from Flint.


Prezidental P

Prezidental P isn't new to putting on for the city. Look at his track record and you'll see that P is more than ready to get the recognition he deserves. P already has a team that backs him in the city, and with a good label backing him he could go worldwide easily and finally get the respect he deserves.


Louie Ray 

How a label hasn't picked up Louie Ray yet is shocking. Louie is another example of an artist from Flint that doesn't let petty city vs city beef get in the way of money. The numbers don't lie either, and working with artists like Tee Grizzley puts him in a position where a label is bound to sign him to a deal any day now.


Sway Montoya

Sway has that R&B flow on lock in the city of Flint, and when it comes to great production, top notch video quality, and the look of a real artist, Sway has it on point. I could see Sway killing it with an artist like Tory Lanez on tour, and it would be just the look he needs to blow up. This song is a great example of the talent of a artist that is much bigger than Flint.


Now, do these artists need record deals? No. Would it help push them to a more national level and get the exposure they deserve? Yes. Are there artists out in Flint with no music videos that deserve deals too. Of course. I'm just doing my part to show labels that Flint has artists ready to go worldwide right now.

I understand the music industry is filled with so many artists that blow up without a deal, and the cool thing to say is "F**k a deal" in your raps, but working with a label to push your projects and videos out on a country to country level would help greatly and show that Flint has some of the most talented artists in the world.

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