eHarmony allows it's users to upload a video profile of themselves if they want to.  This is a good idea for most people, especially those who want to prove that they are just normal people having trouble finding love.    There are a few people out there who might want to stay away from the video profile.  For example, if you wanted to profess your love for cats.  Your undying, unconditional, bring yourself to tears (creepy) love for cats.  Watch what happens when a video profile goes wrong.



Let me start by saying that I'm not mad at this lady at all for loving cats.

I would probably say that cats make better pets than dogs.

I just don't know if it's normal to be brought to tears by an animal who's main purpose in life is to sleep.  (eat, scratch, meow and be on youtube all fit too)

One thing is for sure, there is no more mystery as to why this girl is single.  There is also no doubt in the fact that she will remain single until this guy becomes available.


"Hey baby, I see we have a lot in common.

I mean, you like cats . . . I'm a cat.  It's almost like we were made for each other.

Why don't you give me a call sometime, and we can go out.  Nothing to serious, just play for about 15 minutes, then fall asleep for 15 hours.  TTYL - Meow".