Shot ring out on set of a Tekashi 6ix9ine video shoot were Kanye and Nicki were scheduled to show, luckily no one got hurt. 

This could have easily been a tragic day for hip hop. Someone opened fire on the music video shoot where Kanye was present but soon left. Nicki was late to the shoot and luckily was not involved.

This was suppose to be an exclusive shoot in Beverly Hills, in what they claim to be a $20 million dollar home. So that would mean that someone is leaking information on 6ix9ine's location. I would advise him to make his circle even smaller, because this is the second time in two weeks.

6ix9ine has a target on his back, and I would not be hanging out with this cat with the amount of trouble that always seems to follow. I hope he figures it out, because we've lost too much talent with gun violence in Hip-Hop...

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