Flint City Council discussed a new proposal this week that would have gas stations and party stores close at 9pm in Flint.

The closings have nothing to do with the Coronavirus pandemic that has closed the doors of so many other businesses. It is all focused around the increase in violence in the city recently. The proposal was introduced by councilman Maurice Davis, and is getting some surprising support.

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Mid Michigan Now talked to a couple of party store owners that actually a good idea to close their business at 9pm in the name of safety.

The proposal did come into some mixed reactions from city council members during the meeting. Some pointed out that people are not just buying liquor at these businesses, they are also buying essential items like bread and milk. Others were on the fence, supporting the proposal, but only during the remainder of the pandemic. You can watch the entire city council meeting in the video here.

I understand the thought process behind closing these businesses early, but it's a very short sited solution. It doesn't do anything to deal with the actual problem of violence in the city. The stores themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the violence happening, they just happen to be one of the few places open passed 10pm in Flint.

If the issue is the violence, then the solution should deal with the violence. I don't want to pretend like I have the perfect answer right now, but I don't want to see the businesses that are open in Flint punished for something they have no control over.

Would you be supportive of closing gas stations and liquor stores at 9pm in Flint?


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