Daylight Savings Time could be coming to an end in Michigan if one lawmaker has their way.

The idea of springing forward and falling back has been linked to quite a few health hazards over the years. So why not just do away with the time shifts all together? That's exactly what Michigan State Representative, Michele Hoitenga wants to do.

She submitted House Bill 4303 to eliminate Daylight Savings and move Michigan to a standard year round time.

Hoitenga pointed out the health risks associated with daylight savings along with the outdated reasoning behind it as her motivation.

Personally, I agree with her 100%

I don't know if anyone can point out solid data to support the time change benefiting anyone, but there are tons of reports on the downfalls.

Obviously the bill won't effect the upcoming spring forward time change this weekend. So make sure you set your clock an hour forward before you go to sleep Saturday night. Then you can spend all day Sunday feeling a little off, but not quite sure why.

This is not the first time lawmakers have tried to do away with the time change, but it never seems to go anywhere. Do you think we should get rid of the time change?

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