Every night I sit down at my kitchen table with my five year old son and watch him do his Kindergarten homework.  He is already reading and writing words that were considered second grade material when I was in school.  The one thing that hasn't been even mentioned though is Cursive writing.

Think about the last time you wrote anything besides your signature in cursive, it's probably been a while right?

Some Genesee County schools have abandoned Cursive from the curriculum entirely because nobody uses it anymore, but some people are concerned that we shouldn't let Cursive slide into the history books.

My brother is a High School English teacher, and when I supported abandoning Cursive writing he disagreed immediately.  I made all the arguments about never using it, and wasting valuable teaching time when he stopped me in my tracks.

"So no kid should ever be able to read the original Declaration Of Independence?" He asked.  I didn't even bother to argue back, because that's when the point of teaching Cursive became clear.  Cursive writing is a huge part of American History and shouldn't be thrown to the wayside because people don't want to use it anymore.  The same way any culture wants to preserve it's roots, we should not let Cursive fall into obscurity.

What do you think?