I think it was 2pac who said, "Revenge is the sweetest joy next to gettin' cupcakes".  (close enough)  That's what makes the video below so great.  We get to watch a man exact his revenge on a cold blooded criminal from the warmth of our own computer monitor.  The video is long but worth it, check it out below.Just so you have some background before you watch the video, it takes place right after the major snow storm that hit Chicago (and parts of Michigan).  That might explain the brief insanity shown by the stealer and steal-ee.  Make sure you read the subtitles as the video plays to follow along with exactly whats going down.

I think the best part of the whole video is that the woman didnt even have the shovel she stole to clean off her buried car!  (which of course was only buried because she stole the shovel) Irony is so ironic!  Know what I mean?