I mean you gotta give this soccer fan some credit for trying. Beer isn't cheap especially when you have to pay $8 for 12 ounces of watered down draft beer.

Beer prices at concerts, special events, and sports games are EXPENSIVE. It's insane how much you have to pay for a beer at a game, and 99.9% of the time its crappy draft beer that tastes like toilet water. This guy right here had the right idea by trying to sneak in 24 bottles of beer.

The soccer (and if I had to guess beer fan) used what looks like to be a man-made beer holder vest to try and sneak in the beer, but was sadly busted by security before entering the venue.

I think all sports fans should revolt and start putting beer in their pockets. I mean think about it, you think security is going to spend hours and hours pulling beer out of people's pockets? Now that I think about it they totally would do that. So much for revolting.