Randy Phillips is a 21 year old soldier stationed in Germany.

Randy was one of the many U.S. soldiers that opened up about their sexual orientation once the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy was repealed.

What Randy chose to do was very different than most of his fellow soldiers.

The emotional phone call Randy made was recorded live and uploaded to his youtube account.

Randy's phone call to his dad was not the first time he had uploaded videos to the Internet as a gay soldier.  His two prior videos chronicled life in the military as a gay man, but were noticeably different. The main difference was that he hid his identity.

So in the third video as 'AreYouSuprised' Randy sits without hiding, staring directly into the camera.  He calls his dad, and has one of the toughest but most compelling conversations you'll ever see.

The video almost instantly went viral, and has generated conversation around the world.