Southwest Airlines has decided that they will no longer continue service out of Flint.

This comes as a major blow to our area, as the low cost airline has announced that they will no longer provide service in Flint. Southwest made the official announcement today that their last flight out of Flint will happen in June of 2018. They issued a statement about the decision to leave Flint.

The community here was such strong supporters, and we're very sad to make today's decision, We tried a lot of markets and designs ... but ultimately, we were not quite getting the results that we need, and we need to get the best return on assets that we can

This shouldn't come as a complete surprise though, considering Southwest recently reduced the number of flights out of Flint.

That being said, it doesn't make the move hurt any less. Bishop has always been my first choice to fly out of, and a lot of that had to do with Southwest being there. I know that flying out of Flint will still be my first choice personally, but it is a big blow to lose the convenience of Southwest. Pat Corfman from Bishop commented on the loss,

We're very sad to see Southwest go - they were a wonderful partner and worked so diligently with us over the last couple of years, but flyers should know that with the four airlines that we've got here - American, United, Delta and Allegiant - that they can still access the world from Flint

Bishop will now move forward with four carriers unless a new airline is brought in to replace Southwest. For now, the plan remains open, and we'll have to wait and see how things unfold next year.

Plus, we'll all miss moments like this on Southwest flights out of Flint.


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