Keya Morgan is being charged with elderly abuse against the legendary Stan Lee. I want to punch this guy in the face. 

This is what a scumbag looks like. Keya Morgan allegedly took advantage of Stan Lee and even imprisoned him against his will according to his family. Now a $300,000 warrant has been issued for his arrest.

People that take advantage of the weak make me sick. Not to mention Stan Lee was a comic book god! He gave us so many childhood memories and great characters. And to hear that his last days on earth may have been filled with anxiety and confusion makes me very upset. Honestly, how pathetic are you to take advantage of an old man? A great old man! Hopefully, authorities find this guy soon so he can answer for his crimes. And with a $300,000 arrest warrant on his head, it won't take long. Stan Lee passed away in November of 2018 and his death is still felt around the world.

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