Former Toronto Mayor Passes Away [Video]
Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford who gained international headlines by admitting that he had smoked crack has passed away. Mayor Ford passed away earlier today (March 22nd) after fighting a 2 year battle with malignant liposarcoma which i sa rare form of cancer.
Michigan Approves Welfare Drug Testing
The state of Michigan has approved a proposal that may cut some welfare recipients benefits if they fail a drug test.
The Bill has been talked about for years but it was just approved in the beginning of May.
This Bill, which is referred to as House Bill 4118 would affect people who are seeking cash a…
Tennessee Senator Wants to Penalize Parents
A good education is the foundation of this great country.
Everyone should be entitled to a great education, no ifs ands or buts.
Most people believe in order to succeed in life you have to succeed in education.
Find Flint and Surrounding Area Voting Locations
Today we all need to make sure we get out and vote.  I can not tell you who or what to vote for all I can do is encourage you to hit up the polls.  I know in Presidential elections it seems to be easier for people to cast their vote but local elections need to receive the same attention.

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