Stormy Daniels is riding her Donald Trump fame train to Saginaw for a performance at Deja Vu.

The former porn star became a household name after she went public about an affair and payoff involving Trump.

The two have exchanged jabs online since the initial accusations, and they are still dealing with legal issues stemming from the allegations.

Deja Vu is taking advantage of the fame that Daniels is getting, and will be hosting a Trump look-a-like contest the night before Daniels is scheduled to perform.



This might be the first time that looking like Donald Trump has ever worked out in someone's advantage.

Deja Vu is expecting a huge crowd for Daniels, and has even put tickets on pre-sale. The announcement was just made this week, and they've already sold at least a dozen tickets to the event.


I don't know about you, but the last thing I ever want to do when I go to a strip club is talk politics.

Normally that wouldn't even be a concern, but I have a feeling that a bunch of pro-Trump supporters will find their way into the Vu on the night of the event.

Imagine sitting down next to some angry guy with a MAGA hat on waiting to tell you why you're wrong about everything. Not really my idea of a great time.

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