Swartz Creek's Ben Mainka and Jim Kitchen are back with another video, this time honoring a sophomore at Swartz Creek High School who has been diagnosed with terminal brain, pancreatic, and liver cancer.

Aaliyah Lee was diagnosed in November of 2018 with an aggressive form of cancer. Knowing that time was of the essence, Lee was allowed to participate in a special graduation ceremony in September.

Ben Mainka, who serves as the Superintendent of Swartz Creek Community Schools, and high school principal Jim Kitchen have become internet sensations, creating this epic snow day video, this followup school closing video, and their wildly popular Hometown Road video to kick off the 2019 school year.

But this video, they say, is different. Mainka and Kitchen have partnered with the American Cancer Society in the fight against pediatric cancer.

"With this video, we commit to telling Aaliyah's story," Kitchen explains. "We commit to honoring her life. And we pledge to take a stance against the devastation of pediatric cancer."

Their video adaptation of 'Fall on Me' by Andrea and Matteo Bocelli tells Aaliyah's story.

At the end of the video, there's a link to the American Cancer Society. Mainka and Kitchen encourage everyone to donate and to honor Aaliyah's fight against cancer.


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