T.I. and John Ortiz announced that they were working on 'Flint', a movie based around the Flint Water Crisis.

The movie isn't necessarily about the Flint Water Crisis, but uses the crisis as the backdrop for the story. Deadline gave a brief synopsis of the 'Flint' storyline.

Flint is about a spiritually reformed ex-convict who finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery, set upon by his ex-lover and a young mentee that unravels the very fabric of the water crisis afflicting the community he grew up in.

T.I. posted about the upcoming project on his Instagram, saying that he was coming to Flint to do his part.

The movie is directed by Malcom Mays, and is part of the Will Smith movie company Overbrook Entertainment.

So far the reaction has been mostly positive, although there are some who are wondering if Flint will actually see any benefit from the movie. There has been no announcement regarding proceeds going to help the Flint Water Crisis, but we are still very early in the process.

The last movie about the Flint Water Crisis happened in 2017 when Queen Latifah starred in the Lifetime movie 'Flint.'

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