Flint Is Cracking Down on Illegal Dumping
The city of Flint is tired of the constant mess and disrespect for our community and is now cracking down on illegal dumping.
I can already tell you that this is a behavioral problem deeper than making arrests. While threatening trash dumpers may deter some, the likelihood of it stopping anything soo…
$14 Mill To Fight Blight
Flint got great news this week concerning the ongoing fight against blight in the city. Nearly $14 Million federal dollars will be coming to help clean up the area.
Flint Gets $ To Fight Blight
Drive down any neighborhood street in Flint and you will see more than a few boarded up houses.  The abandoned homes are eye sores, and can invite a ton of criminal activity, but thanks to 20 million dollars of federal money, Flint will be able to do something about it.