Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley has committed $2 million dollars from the $99 million American Rescue Plan to help combat blight in the city Flint.

Blight has been an issue in the city as far back as I can remember. With this new stimulus money hopefully, we can kickstart a new movement for the city. A movement that will give us a sense of pride for our local area. 

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Wednesday, Mayor Sheldon Neeley announced plans to commit $2 million dollars of the city’s $99 million American Rescue Plan funding for the fight against blight..


One of the five key issues, he says was identified through community conversations and surveys.


“One thing that’s been overwhelming heard and one thing we’ve already agreed to is to make sure we clean up our city to a satisfactory level for all," said Mayor Sheldon Neeley. Source:NBC25.com 

The first question that came to my mind was, "Is this enough money to fix our problem?". $2 million seems like a lot of money, but when you're using that money to clean up a city $2M goes by really fast.  I think after this major clean-up we should definitely allocate a little more money to maintaining Flint's neighborhoods. It's already bad enough that the houses in Flint are from the 1940s, and a ton of them have terrible foundations. Take that money and let's rebuild these homes and over time you'll see Flint transform into something beautiful, but it takes time and money...


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