Lansing Cannabis Church
'The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason' opened their doors in Lansing recently, and the congregation is excited about their new home.
Funky Fresh Sr. Choir Covers Rap Songs [Video]
It is clearly obvious that Hip Hop has crossed over into the mainstream. You pretty much see Hip Hop everywhere you go, from TV commercials, sports, movies, fast food advertisement even in the White House. But this has to take the cake.
Michigan Church Offers First Timers Free Beer
In an attempt to get people intoxicated on the word of God, one Michigan church is offering first time attendees complimentary beer. The Crossroads Church in Lansing, Michigan recently launched what they are calling “The Upper Room” project, which is aimed at luring peopl…
Shooting at Flint Church Leaves Man Dead
A man was shot and killed during a funeral at the Full Gospel Christian Church and cops are still searching for a suspect.
This is a very tragic event and we send our love to the families affected by this shooting.
Worst Church Singer Ever [Video]
I should probably be careful about making fun of this guy, but man he is terrible. This has to be the worst singer period! Before you watch the video below, just remember: the Bible says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”
Ok, now enjoy!
Bro Franklin Dances During Offering
During Church service the most agonizing part is probably offering.
Its a long drawn out process, and even though people say they like doing it, and even though they may do it every week, deep down people try to time going to the bathroom just so they can miss it, 'on accident'.
Orgasm In Church?! [Video]
I have to admit, its been a while since I've been to church.  I had no idea that this kind of thing was going on now-a-days!  Watch as the preacher brings this girl to the peak with the holiest of words . . . . BAM!