MFB&W Giant Jenga Master
The Michigan Food Beer & Wine Fest returns Saturday November 19th, and aside from the 100 Michigan beers and 60+ Michigan wines, it means that Clay will dominate giant Jenga again!
Scared Of Sparklers?
Hello, my name is Clay (crowd responds "Hi Clay!")  I'm a grown man, and I am afraid of backyard fireworks.
Clay & Kristin Talk Grammys
This morning I was lucky to be joined by TV 5's Kristin Moore, to talk about some of the reaction about last nights Grammy's on CBS.
Clay Takes On ‘The Color Run’ In Ypsilanti [Video]
Last weekend my family and I ran in our first ever 5k, but luckily 'The Color Run' is nothing like your average 5k.
The thought of lugging a five and three year old just over three miles doesn't sound that appealing, but trust me, we all finished feeling better than we had in a long time.
So you're pr…
Chocolate Milk On Tap? We Got That! [Video]
Here at Club 93.7 we are always on the cutting edge of new technology and innovation.
You've probably heard about the work environment at companies like Google or Facebook, and how it helps grow creativity.
We aren't exactly on that level yet, but this latest development might just help a fe…
Big Brothers Big Sisters 33rd Annual Bowling Challenge [Pictures]
Clay, Ian, B-Ray , LV and Ricky Burns show up for the 33rd Annual Bowling challenge to show this young kids how to bowl.
Even though we suck at bowling we all had a good time. You'll see more of the Town Square Media staff in these photo's. Including staff members from Cars 108 and Banana 1…
See How We Spend Our Lunch Break At Club 93.7 [Video]
For the first time ever I will take you behind the scenes at Club 93.7 to see what it is we do on our lunch break every day. Check out Clay and LV carrying on the lunch break tradition of 'Rock em Sock em Robots'. We have a tournament's daily and no one has ever beat Clay.
Take Your Kids On Stage To Meet Barney For His Birthday [Contest]
Barney is coming to Flint and you have the chance to meet him for his Birthday.
Register here to win and make sure you bring the kids out to the Genesee District Library in Fenton for another chance to win with Clay.
Clay will host 'Story Time With Barney' at the Fenton Genesee District Library on Thu…

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