The Michigan Food Beer & Wine Fest returns Saturday November 19th, and aside from the 100 Michigan beers and 60+ Michigan wines, it means that Clay will dominate giant Jenga again!

The Perani Arena will be transformed into a park like setting starting at 3pm with tickets available at the door for $20.  When you buy your tickets, you get a collectors glass and 5 sample tickets.  If you find more more than 5 breweries and wineries that you would like to sample (and trust me you will) additional tickets are available for only $1.

Live entertainment will be on the main stage, and DJ Ricky Burns from Club 93.7 will be spinning after 7:30pm.

If you want to get embarrassed in front of the masses, you can always stroll over to the lawn and try to take Clay on at Giant Jenga.  We warn you though, he's pretty good . . . like maybe the best ever.

Keep in mind that this is actually Clay writing this in the third person, but at least there is some video evidence.