Last weekend my family and I ran in our first ever 5k, but luckily 'The Color Run' is nothing like your average 5k.

The thought of lugging a five and three year old just over three miles doesn't sound that appealing, but trust me, we all finished feeling better than we had in a long time.

So you're probably wondering what 'The Color Run' actually is right?  Well check out the pictures and video below and start making plans for your chance to run in the next one.

Everyone starts 'The Color Run' as crispy white as possible, but over the course of the next three miles there won't be many white spots left on you.

The color is actually a corn-starch based colored powder, that is completely safe for everyone.  My son Narls was a little worried about it though, as you can see his bandana in front of his mouth . . . just in case.

We made our way through parties of Yellow, Blue, Orange and Pink that left us caked in color and laughing harder every time.

I won't pretend like it was easy running (ok walking) the three miles, but every time we approached another color station they found some reserve energy that allowed them to take off again!

Basically what started as a day of us all jogging and jumping turned into getting carried and wagon rides.

In the end we all made it though.  Sure we were tired and completely covered but none of us were in a hurry to clean it off.  It was a mess of color that reminded us of how much fun we had, and our sense of accomplishment as a family.  In fact, I don't think we'll ever try to wash the mess off of those clothes, maybe that will help us remember how we felt at the finish line.

If I had to sum up the day in one picture (if you haven't noticed, Ive tried to squeeze in as many as I could!) I think that this one in front of the color party probably wraps it all up.

One last thing, I did take a quick video going through the Orange station just so you could see what it was like to walk into a color storm.