Michigan Police Apprehend a Trouble Making Pig
While it is not uncommon to see a pig in the front seat of a police car, it is, however, a bit bizarre to see one sitting in the back. Earlier last week, police were forced to take a pig into custody after a resident filed a complaint.
Guy Pulls Out a Gun In The Backseat of a Cop Car [Video]
A guy starts to pull out a handgun while in the backseat of a cop car, luckily he fumbles with it a few times and the officers notice.
This guy looks under the influence and the cops scored a break with this nut job. What would have happened if this guy would have been sober? We would probably be wat…
Cop School Guys Openly Carrying Guns [Video]
A couple of guys walk around with an AR style rifle and a handgun to try and get stopped by a cop in order to flex their rights, but end up getting schooled by the coolest cop I've ever seen.
I'm all for open carry and the possession of firearms. But it just seems like these guys are trying…
Bride Gets Punched in the Face by Cops [Video]
A massive brawl breaks out at a wedding with cops in Philadelphia that resulted in the bride getting punched in the face.
Three people were taken into custody and 1 person died  due to an heart attack. What a great way to spend your wedding day.
Guy Drives Ferrari 458 Over Cops Foot [Video]
In a rush to get out a ticket a guy tries to pull off while getting written up for a ticket and runs over the cops foot that's issuing the ticket.
Normally I would scream police brutality but in this case I'm on the cops side and I would have pulled him out of that car and beat his ass too! What a je…
Flint Man Beat With Frying Pan When He Tried To Stop Fireworks
Cops in Flint said a guy was attacked with a frying pan after stopping a woman from lighting fireworks inside his apartment.
According to police, a 21-year-old man told them he slapped the fireworks from the woman's hand. A police report says the woman then threw a frying pan at the man, hitting…
Michigan Man Caught Drunk Driving On Motorized Wheelchair [Video]
A man in Michigan was caught drunk driving for the 7th time. This time, he was operating a stolen motorized wheelchair. The 55-year-old man had a blood alcohol content level of .241 at the time of his arrest. That's three times the legal limit. Officers conducted a few sobriety tests and the g…

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