While it is not uncommon to see a pig in the front seat of a police car, it is, however, a bit bizarre to see one sitting in the back. Earlier last week, police were forced to take a pig into custody after a resident filed a complaint.

According to Fox News, Debbie DeRiemaecker was at home doing some work outside when a pig began to chase her around the yard. This went on for a few minutes until the four-legged swine spotted a shinny object that diverted his attention from the victim. That is when DeRiemaecker called 911 and, well, squealed on the pig.

When officers with the Shelby Township police finally located the pig, whose name incidentally is “Pig,” they were forced to hold it in the backseat of their cruiser until the owner arrived.

"I just want to say thanks to the Shelby Township police for getting the pig and not writing me a ticket for having poop in the car," the pig’s owner, Brian Davis, told MyFoxDetroit.com.

It has not yet been confirmed whether this is the same pig "Giggles" running for Mayor of Flint. If so, all candidates could stand an equal chance at winning the election.