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CDC Director Recommends We Shut Down Michigan
A top CDC Director has recommended that Michigan goes back to the basics for controlling the new spike in COVID-19 cases by shutting Michigan, again.
That's a move that gonna cause some serious backlash. People in Michigan are already ticked off and this could cause a serious uproar...
Michigan Could Be Back Fully Open By Summer
Gov.Whitmer held a press conference yesterday and had some positive news in regards to Michigan's future this year.
Michigan is one of the last few states with heavy COVID-19 restrictions but they could be completely gone by summertime according to Gov...
COVID-19 Cases In Children Are On The Rise
The recent spike in COVID-19 cases is hitting the youth harder than expected with a pretty big increase in the last few weeks.
Here I am worried about giving the virus to my parents and my nieces and nephews are the ones that are getting infected...
Mandatory COVID-19 Testing For Michigan High School Athletes
The Michigan Department Of Health and Human Services has just made it mandatory for Michigan High School athletes to get tested for COVID-19 due to a rate in cases.
Some people are finding this process very invasive and some groups have openly spoken out against it...
Meijer Expands Its Vaccination Efforts To All Locations
Meijer has announced that all of its locations will now be providing COVID-19 vaccines with the goal of vaccinating 150,000 people a week.
This is great! The more vaccine sites we can create the better!  Especially for those that have transportation issues...
COVID-19 Cases Are On The Rise In Michigan
Even with the rollout of the new vaccine COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Michigan again.
Clearly, this is a direct result of things slightly opening back up. I just hope the numbers don't get too high and set us back another couple of months...
Ford Field’s Massive COVID-19 Clinic Is Now Open
The huge COVID-19 clinic at Ford Field is now open and will remain open for two months with over 350,000 vaccines for Michiganders.
This is the largest effort to date to get us to that herd immunity goal that we all desperately want. 
All Michigan residents eligible to receive the vaccine accordi…
Kroger Is Now Administering COVID-19 Vaccines
Kroger has teamed up with the Genesee County Health Department to help administer the new COVID-19 vaccine to Genesee county residents.
The more locations the better! With Ford Field being turned into a huge vaccination site recently it's easy to see other companies jumping into the fight...
New COVID-19 Variant Found At MSU
COVID-19 is still very much here and the new B.1.1.7 variant has been found at East Lansing Michigan State University Campus.
Luckily the good people there were already prepared for the more contagious variant and had protocols in place to help mitigate the spread...

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