The Center for Disease Control has just released some new guidelines for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Things are getting colder and thanksgiving is right around the corner. As people gather to celebrate the CDC wants people to be safe while doing so. To help they've dropped a few tips to help keep you healthy this holiday season. 

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The agency is recommending families hold virtual holiday celebrations or have socially distanced celebrations outdoors with neighbors and friends.

Mask-wearing indoors is still recommended for unvaccinated people.

And the CDC is also recommending the idea of using a window fan to keep the air at an indoor party as fresh as possible.

These instructions are simple enough and actually make sense. I know the trust can be a little weird when it comes to the CDC. Mainly because of the mask mandate controversy that people are dealing with in different states. But I feel like they're genuinely trying to help, but like most things, this is an evolving situation. Tips and tricks used before might not be as effective as we thought, but we won't know until we try. And if these tips help mitigate the spread of covid even by 5% it's worth it.

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