Starting next week the Saginaw Township School District will require everyone including students K-12, visitors, and parents to wear face coverings and will go into effect on September 20th. Now, this is for anyone that steps place in any of the district buildings.

I feel like every time we get a new mask mandate in Michigan someone, somewhere, gets punched in the face.

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Don't worry there are some exemptions to this.

The district did announce the following exemptions:


  • Students seated at a table or desk while eating or drinking;

  • Students who have an IEP or Section 504 Plan that specifies the benefits of facial cues or behavior issues that are incompatible with mask use;

  • Students who present a medical reason in writing from a doctor currently licensed to practice medicine in the state of Michigan that has an ongoing doctor-patient relationship with the student and who is practicing within the standard of care for their expertise;

I just feel like this is just a push to get back into that safe & clean mindset. The delta variant is gaining momentum in Michigan so to avoid another major shut down we need to band together to battle this thing. And that's the major issue, this is a team effort in order to beat this, and a lot of people don't wanna be on the same team. When it comes to our kids though, we should be way more willing to work together.

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