Seniors 65 and Up Are Next For COVID-19 Vaccinations
COVID-19 vaccinations have started being administered around Michigan but you'll have to be high on that priority list in order to receive one.
This makes a ton of sense. COVID-19 has been shown to have more complications in older people...
MSU Students Required To Take Flu Shots For Spring
Michigan State University is requiring its students to take a flu shot this upcoming spring semester in order to walk on campus.
I had a creeping feeling that when the new COVID-19 vaccine was ready to hit the streets there would be some locations that would make it mandatory to take...
COVID-19 Tests Will Now Cost $115 Per
With the end of federal funding, Rite-Aid will still be providing COVID-19 testing but at a cost.
We've got a pandemic to deal with, the economy is in the worst shape it's ever been in, and now you'll have to come out of your pocket to get tested for COVID-19 at Rite-Aid...

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