Flint Artist

New Music From Jeff Skigh "Bruce Lee"
8-1-Show artist and Flint native Jeff Skigh along with Vyson releases another banger titled "Bruce Lee" and Jeff is slowly becoming the most active artist in Flint. This track is so dope..
12 Dead Roses "Retro Mami"
Local Flint rtist's 12 Dead Roses release their new single "Retro Mami" and it's packed with great visual album art, and a ton of funk.
Flint's Unique Tunde Olaniran
Flint artist Tunde Olaniran releases 'Brown Boy' and it's the perfect blend of artistic/raw music that will catch you off guard and make you bob your head to the beat.
Their are very few artist in Flint that I can say have that edge in music that will get them noticed. Tunde has it. Fr…