Local Flint rtist's 12 Dead Roses release their new single "Retro Mami" and it's packed with great visual album art, and a ton of funk.   

12 Dead Roses
12 Dead Roses

Upon originally meeting 12 Dead Roses a couple weeks back on the 8-1-Show I didn't know what to expect. I'd ran across one member a few times before (Yamamoto) but never had the privilege of talking to Allen the other member of 12 Dead roses,  and interviewing both of them about their look and sound.

Which in itself is very unique. And when we finally sat down and had a conversation I was taken back at how down to earth these guys are how they're not putting on any type of front  and just love being themselves. Check out the new single along with the album art. These guys have a very bright future if they keep up the hustle. Full link here.

IG: 12deadroses_


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