When I ever I watch the news and they pan to an eye witness, I usually cringe because I know I will be seeing some ignorance. Well, in this case it is the exact opposite, this is pure comedy. During a news report a witness tells what he saw when an old lady crashes into Arby's in the middle of the day. I am not sure if he is trying to get a job working for the news, and this is his way of impressing the news anchors and the rest of the staff, or if he is just weird, but this Arby's employee can tell one hell of a story.

This story goes from pretty horrific, to how he hates his job to pretty dark (and a little satanic) all on the TV!

I have watched this so many times dying laughing and I sure you will too.

PS This video is spliced from an actual news clip to this guy doing his own comedy bit so it is not real, but I sure wish it was. I will admit I was fooled the first few times I viewed it.'This guy is a really good editor.

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