An Ohio cop gets a gun pulled on him from an overzealous security guard after being told to put his weapon in his car. But it's a cop, they don't need to put their guns up, Duh.

This feels like a clear case of racism. Who in the heck would pull a gun on a cop? Somebody with a death wish obviously, or a severe mental issue. But this guy had the audacity to tell a police officer in full uniform to go back and put his gun in the car. IT'S A COP!!! He's a legit deputy, they are required to take their weapons with them!

Some people should never have a gun placed in their hands. This guy wants to shoot somebody. He's not looking to de-escalate a situation. This guy wants to kill someone. Hopefully, they nail this guy to the wall and take every weapon he has away from him. Because these are the types of dudes that kill innocent people.

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