Jim Harbaugh

Harbaugh Loves Dantonio
Michigan and Michigan State are preparing for the backyard brawl on Saturday, but Jim Harbaugh didn't let that stop him from throwing some big compliments toward Mark Dantonio
Colorado Clowns Michigan
Jim Harbaugh never gives his opponent Michigan's depth chart before a game, and Colorado decided to give Harbaugh the perfect response.
Harbaugh Picked A Winner
Jim Harbaugh led Michigan to another blowout win on Saturday, but it was his mid game snack that has people laughing.
Hip Hop Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh has joined up with 'Bailey' for the rap video showcasing Michigan Football, and one of Harbaugh's signature rallying calls.
Harbaugh Joins The Tigers
The Detroit Tigers are playing some split squad, spring training ball today, and they've tapped Jim Harbaugh to coach first base against the Pirates.
Harbaugh's Coming Home
Jim Harbaugh said goodbye to San Francisco Sunday, and basically confirmed his next job with one answer at his post game interview.
Harbaugh Come Home
Some Michigan fan used Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercial, and old Jim Harbaugh highlights, to try and convince Jim to come back to Ann Arbor.