Michigan State Polce

Flint Heat Wave Expected This For Weekend
The Michigan State Police are urging Michiganders to stay protected this weekend with outside temperatures reaching over 90 degrees.
You almost forget how hot Michigan can really get after being traumatized from Michigan's winter season...
Police Are Investigating A Body Found In The Flint River
Police responded to a call yesterday on the 400 block of E.Blvd Drive where authorities showed up and found a man that was later pronounced dead.
The police found the man in the river behind the Farmer's Market in Flint. The investigation is still ongoing and details are scarce...
4 Shootings In Saginaw Within 24 Hours
Saginaw saw a spike in violence yesterday with four shootings being reported within 24 hours.
Now, I'm from Flint and I'm no stranger to violence and things tend to get a bit more violent as the summer heat picks up. More people are out in the streets which means more opportunities for viol…