Saginaw saw a spike in violence yesterday with four shootings being reported within 24 hours.

Now, I'm from Flint and I'm no stranger to violence and things tend to get a bit more violent as the summer heat picks up. More people are out in the streets which means more opportunities for violence. But 4 shootings with 24 hours? I feel like there's more to the story here. 

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The Michigan State Police and Saginaw Police are responding to a shooting near the intersection of Cumberland and Morris in the City of Saginaw.


This would be the fourth shooting in the city in the past 24 hours.

Violence has been picking up not only in Saginaw but also here in the city of Flint. We reported 9 shootings in the month of April alone. Could this be the result of the recent pandemic and stimulus money? Or is Michigan in certain areas seeing new bad guys moving in? I know personally how complicated and deep the issues can get here in Flint, and Saginaw is only a stone's throw away. I hope Michigan State Police can narrow down the issue and put a stop to it before it gets outta control this Summer.

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