Police responded to a call yesterday on the 400 block of E.Blvd Drive where authorities showed up and found a man that was later pronounced dead.

The police found the man in the river behind the Farmer's Market in Flint. The investigation is still ongoing and details are scarce.

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According to Flint PD, a man was pronounced dead on the scene, Flint PD is calling it a suspicious death.


There were no signs of foul play and an investigation is ongoing.


Anyone with information is asked to call 810-237-6971 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-5245 to remain anonymous. Source:NBC25.com

This was a terrible way to end such a great weekend. But Flint has never been a stranger to violence and things tend to get worst when the temperature climbs. Not to mention this is just one of the fatal incidents that occurred over the weekend.

With so many shootings this year alone in Flint, we have to sit back and wonder "How do we prevent these shootings from happening?"  Well, on one hand, people say that we should increase our police force. More officers patrolling equals less crime. Or does it? Or is it our economic climate that creates such a desperate and hostile environment, where life has little to no value?

I feel like all I have are questions that no one can really answer...

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