Slut March 2011 [Video]
Slut march 2011 just took place in Toronto, leaving me asking two questions.
1. What the hell is Slut March?
2. Why don't I live in Toronto?
While I still don't have an answer for number 2, all the answers you need for number 1 are in the news report below.
Drunk Guy Reports Live From St Pattys Day [Video]
I wish more news reporters had the vision to do something like this.  Basically you have two options when reporting about a boring parade.  1: Do a boring report on a boring parade or 2: Let a hilarious drunk guy do a report on a boring parade.  Good choice reporter, good choice.
A Pregnant Mariah Carey Still Looks Good!
Being preggors didn't stop Mariah Carey from celebrating the holidays. Over the weekend, MC filmed her perfromance for the 27th Annual Disney Parks Christmas more to see the video
Kanye Booed At Parade In NYC
Kanye West performed his track "Lost in the World," atop a moving float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Kanye was on the Big Apple float wearing leather, chains and fur. Was he booed, behind the scenes? Check it, below.