Congratulations, Sofia!

On the Criminals of Flint Facebook page yesterday afternoon, somebody asked, "what is going on off from Miller Road between Hammerberg and Ballenger right now?"

There was a heavy police presence, but it wasn't because of anything crime-related - it was a parade for 7-year-old Sofia Rider.

This is from her dad, Scott:

This is Sofia (7), our oldest of 4. She was diagnosed with brain cancer at 18 months old, and it returned at age 3 and 5. She was given a terminal prognosis in 2018 and has been on a clinical trial medication since then. Yesterday was her MRI of the 2-year point, which is typically when her cancer has returned.

We got the call that it was clear this morning, so we made some signs and went to tell our family, close friends, and pastor. We'll after we got to our pastor's house and told him the news I guess he had this idea to throw together an impromptu parade, and so the church along with some local police and fire had a parade down our street for us! She'll continue to have MRIs every 3 months, but we couldn't be more relieved during this stay at home in order to have a clean bill of health.

To learn more about Sofia's story, you can follow it HERE. Congrats, Sofia! Big thanks to her dad Scott and her mom Tess for sharing this with us!

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Cancer-Free Parade for Sofia Rider in Flint

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