Should Couples Sleep In Separate Beds?
More couples are sleeping in separate beds now than ever before, and it's supposedly saving relationships.
A study from the National Sleep Foundation found that 25 percent of couples in the US sleep separately, and that number is only increasing.
Think You Have Been Cheated On? You’ll Proabably Never Know
So you think that maybe your partner is cheating?  You had better believe that ignorance is bliss because you'll probably never know for sure, especially if you are a man!
A new study shows that women are MUCH better at cheating than men are, and by better I mean not getting caught.
The Top Ten Reasons Both Men And Women Get Dumped
Have you ever thought things were going great in a new relationship and then all of a sudden you're getting dumped?  It happens to pretty much every man and woman at some point, but most never figure out why.
Now with the help of the site WotWentWrong, there is a list of reasons according t…
Couples Argue In Bed More Than 150 Times A Year
You've always heard the marriage advice, "Don't go to bed angry" right?  Well it looks like a lot of us are not following that!
A new study shows that the average couple argues in bed around 167 times a year!  That's almost every other night!  Check out…
61 Percent Of Women Make Up Excuses To Avoid Sex, Here’s The Top 10
Guys, you need to face the facts . . . sometimes your lady friend just doesn't feel like having some relations with you.  Lucky for us though, most women are smart enough to make up an excuse instead of just telling us to get lost.
Here are the top 10 excuses according to a new survey from …
Is Laughter An Aphrodisiac? Most People Think So
We have all heard that a good sense of humor is the most important thing in a relationship, but do you really believe it?
If the results of a new survey done by Zoosk are true, you might want to go buy a 'Humor For Dummies' book, like yesterday!

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